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a member of the Algonquian people of Rhode Island and Massachusetts who greeted the Pilgrims

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In 2001, the Aquinnah Wampanoags reclaimed the traditional name Aquinnah for Moshup's old stomping ground, and now there is even a Moshup's Beach, an important part of the sovereignty of the tribe, Sayet said.
Mark Nicholas, in his article "Mashpee Wampanoags of Cape Cod, the
The Aquinnah Wampanoags received federal recognition in 1987 but trace their lineage to the inhabitants of the region some 10,000 years ago, whose legends hold that a giant created the island and taught their people to fish and catch whales.
''The current process was not intended to create a tribal existence where none had existed,'' said Michelle Littlefield, Taunton resident who has been an outspoken opponent of the Mashpee Wampanoags' plan to build a $500 million resort casino in that city.
They assured me they did, and volunteered that they were permitted to take oysters out of season because they were Wampanoags. What?
(6) Working the homeland was always the first option for Mashpees, but Wampanoags also left the homeland to earn wages.
Beaton noted the agreement calls for the Wampanoags to pay the state 21.5 percent of the casino's gross revenues, while non-Native American casinos will have to pay the state 25 percent.
Campisi offers an account of recent tribal quests for federal acknowledgment by Mashantuckets, Narragansetts and Gay Head Wampanoags. Robert Bee reviews Connecticut's wavering Indian policy since the 1930s.
Since 1621, if a letter from Colonist Edward Winslow recording the Pilgrims' and Wampanoags' three-day feast is to be believed, or the 1850s when the romantic version of a brimming table was popularized by a women's magazine editor, Americans have savored the celebration of sustenance and community.
The Pilgrims' feast was lacking until the Wampanoags showed up carrying five most-appreciated deer.
The most recent came from the Wampanoags, who claim the turbines would threaten their religious need for an unimpeded view of the sunrise, as well as infringe upon ancient burial grounds now under water.
Philip was leader of the Wampanoags of southern Massachusetts.
The Wampanoags' attempt to have the federal government classify all of Nantucket Sound as a "traditional cultural property" is truly a stretch, but if successful could put an end to a lot more than Cape Wind.
Another complication, he said, is whether American Indian tribes, such as the Wampanoags, who have planned a casino in Middleboro under federal Indian gambling rules, would open a casino on their own with no revenue coming to the state, once the Legislature approves either slot parlors or casinos.
Patrick last Friday correctly rejected the Mashpee Wampanoags' call for early talks on developing a casino in Middleboro.