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English courtier (a favorite of Elizabeth I) who tried to colonize Virginia

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De cualquier forma, Lawrence Keymis, capitan de Sir Walter Ralegh, reporto que los Siawani abandonaron sus asentamientos en el rio Amana, moviendose hacia las bocas del cano Araguao (Arawao) despues que los espanoles trataran de apoderarse del oro que aquellos habian adquirido en Trinidad a cambio de sus excelentes piraguas (1968 [1596]:D3-E).
Montrose cites the line about how "the Queen was cankered, and that her mind had become as crooked as her carcass," attributed to the Earl of Essex by his rival Sir Walter Ralegh, as evidence of the widespread contempt for the aging Elizabeth (Montrose 244).
For the others he examines in detail--Thomas Harriott, Sir Anthony Sherley on Shah Abbas, Walter Ralegh on Guiana and Edward Webbe on his life as a slave of the Turks--Sell locates them as part of a discourse that was contributing to the establishment of a national identity, and often as plagiarists who borrow their stories from others and who could have constructed their writing from their rhetorical material alone.
Una seleccion personal de los principales autores, por no citar todos, seria, ademas de Chaucer, Sir Walter Ralegh, William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, y Thomas Carew.
One poem is a "gift exchange" with students in an undergraduate class at Northwestern University, another a renshi or Japanese chain-poem, one braids lines from Sir Walter Ralegh into its textures, and one, a strict ghazal, like its Middle Eastern ancestors, includes the poet's name in its closing lines.
No evidence is offered that Restoration readers understood Hannibal as a Black African, and Bacon's 'symbolic double' might just as well be Sir Walter Ralegh, or any other unfortunate militaristic adventurer, as Oroonoko.
His first book, Art Attack: A Short Cultural History of the Avant-Garde was a New York Times notable book; his second, Sir Walter Ralegh and the Quest for El Dorado, won the Boston Globe-Horn Book nonfiction prize, and the first Robert L.
Courtiers like Sir Walter Ralegh savoured the heady highs -and suffered the miserable lows -that were part and parcel of this rollercoaster social and political life.
ASK any schoolboy what he knows about Sir Walter Ralegh and you are bound to get two answers - he was the man who covered a puddle with his cloak so that good Queen Bess could walk dry shod,and he brought tobacco to England.
12) Some are written by men of power and influence, and others by those, such as Sir Walter Ralegh and (later) Sir Henry Slingsby, who had clearly fallen from both.
His half-brother, Walter Ralegh, went along, but was forced to return before reaching his goal by illness on his ship.
In November 1603, as the second Quarto of Hamlet was going to press, Sir Walter Ralegh stood trial for treason, believing that he had a chance of acquittal as there was only one witness against him.
On the other hand, writers such as Stephen Gardiner, Sir Walter Ralegh, Shakespeare, and Bacon understood that the rhetorical dimensions of Machiavelli's political thought embraced the dissembling rhetorician of political necessity as well as the historian of tyranny (130).
One curious omission is "The Death of Sir Walter Ralegh.
He also wrote some very good verse, collected as The Poems of Sir Walter Ralegh (1591).