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Synonyms for wallflower

any of numerous plants of the genus Erysimum having fragrant yellow or orange or brownish flowers

perennial of southern Europe having clusters of fragrant flowers of all colors especially yellow and orange

remains on sidelines at social event

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Pinch out the growing tips of wallflowers to create bushy plants and to get rid of any very late vigorous growth that will be hit by early frosts.
This exciting event is completely free to families, thanks to the support of our partners and touring venues, and you can also get the first chance to see our brand new piece, Wallflowers."
'Alinsunod sa pagkakatalaga ng MMDA building bilang 'Wallflowers Pokemon Gym' kung saan maaaring i-train ang mga Pokemon bago sumalang sa Pokemon battles, mahigpit na pinapaalalahanan ng pamunuan ng MMDA sa ahensya na hindi papapasukin ang sinumang naka-tsinelas, shorts, sando,' the advisory read.
Generally speaking, wallflowers, or Erysimum to give them their Latin This means that they are grown from seed in the first year and establish roots and leaves, then in the second year they flower and when they're finished flowering are discarded.
A VISIT to Dudley Zoo Gardens for Edgbaston man Anthony Collins prompted memories of his great grandfather's court summons for attempting to steal wallflowers worth two pennies from Dudley Castle Gardens in 1868.
Raleigh, NC, November 22, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Wallflowers Media, LLC has begun selling kits called Elfed.
I am not some Jakob Dylan "fanboy"; in fact, the only album I had owned is the Wallflowers' 1996 Bringing Down the Horse, which is a fine piece of pop music.
"High school is a time and place that can be done so wrong," Franco added, "but these wallflowers do it so right.
GARY GRAFF NYT SYNDICATE JAKOB Dylan was confident that his band, the Wallflowers, was not breaking up when it decided to take some time off after its album Rebel, Sweetheart (2005).
Then the beds, including the main display at the entrance to Albert Park, were planted with wallflowers and thousands of tulips in the autumn.
THE WALLFLOWERS - GLAD ALL OVER FOLLOWING a seven-year hiatus, LA-based rock band The Wallflowers are back with their sixth album, which is more hit than miss.
FAVOURITE spring flowers like wallflowers, foxgloves, polyanthus, Canterbury bells, forget-me-nots, ornamental kale and Brompton stocks are biennials, with a two years life cycle.