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a piece of furniture having several units that stands against one wall of a room

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When comparing the per capita use or consumption of pavers here versus established markets, he says, "We hadn't scratched surface then and still have a long way to go to realizing the potential of interlocking concrete pavement and segmental retaining wall units."
Completing the top 10 in species for media centers and wall units were white oak, birch, pine, red oak and poplar, each with 7.5% to 5%.
The system includes a base unit, automatic fall sensor, pendant, door contact, motion detector, and waterproof wall unit.
Top-running coplanar fittings are recommended for wall units in modern, design-oriented kitchens that call for a concealed sliding system that mounts on the cabinet.
A MAN got back from holiday to find burglars had stolen his new kitchen, including the oven, wall units - and sink.
Schmidlin also produced the inner facade that comprises curtain wall units with triple-glazed aluminium frames, and the fixed glazing on the ground floor which incorporates large double-glazed sliding gates with stainless-steel frames.
The mezzanine's four outer Storage Wall units feature traditional four-foot-wide shelving.
Established in 1973 by founders Heinz Dittmann, Helmut Pedersen and Helmut Moeltner, the company began by manufacturing middle- to high-end European-style residential furniture, along with juvenile and adult bedroom sets and wall units.
Keeler has launched two new diagnostic wall units for use in hospital wards, surgeries, and casualty departments.
Most manufacturers' ranges extend from dining furniture into occasional tables, wall units, display cabinets and TV and video units.
To offer viable display options for both small and large retail members, three wall units and four island units are available for showcasing the product.
This chapter presents the installation of segmental wall units that use pins, lips, and anchors as stabilization and battering systems.