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the bodily attribute of being bipedal

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The real advantage of walking erect was energy-saving, which meant swifter recovery after giving birth.
The evolution and legitimization of services marketing as reflected in the literature can be described in three stages: Crawling Out (pre-1980), Scurrying About (1980-85), and Walking Erect (1986-present).
In the Walking Erect stage, scholars achieved a respected stance as services marketing became an established field within the marketing discipline.
Growth accelerated in the Walking Erect stage to reach 720 publications.
However, traces of this debate lingered in the early years of the Scurrying About stage (Enis and Roering 1981), and critics even occasionally appeared in the Walking Erect stage (Williams and Mowen 1990).
Others, however, targeted new areas of inquiry, such as service design and mapping and service encounters; they laid the groundwork for the Walking Erect period.
The Walking Erect period has produced an increasing number of marketing academics who have begun conducting research in services marketing.