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Synonyms for walk around

walk with no particular goal

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walk around something

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behave in a certain manner or have certain properties

walk randomly

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The walkaround robot speaks via pre-recorded snippets of audio including famous phrases from films.
Foreground: Jasper Johns, set elements from Walkaround Time, 1968.
A quick external walkaround shows some obvious changes from its predecessor.
What they are looking for is running after Westerners,' tour guide Chakkritt Khentong told invited media guests sponsored by Tourism Authority of Thailand and Thai Airways Philippines during a walkaround tour.
"Before our investigation last k didth l lk "Before our investigation last week we did the usual walkaround, taking readings and pictures.
We have annual surveys for staff and students which have very impressive return rates, but there is nothing like a regular walkaround - often with student president Araf Perwaze - and conversations with people throughout the building.
As he had a tendency to do, the HAC skipped the preflight walkaround, electing instead to trust the H2P's assessment of the aircraft's condition.
Drivers earn their pay behind the wheel, so traditional walkaround tire inspections that involve taking a pressure reading of every tire can be an expensive and lengthy process.
Simformotion has introduced a new Cat Simulators off-highway truck system, featuring authentic controls combined with simulated applications designed to teach controls familiarization, how to perform a machine walkaround, systems testing, driving, hauling, braking, two loading methods, unloading, full production cycle and a special open training mode that allows users to practice any technique or application learned in other exercises.
The rifle is thus not a heavy varminter, but more of what I would call a "walkaround varminter" or predator-calling rig, but with the fluted barrel it would not be out of place in a prairie dog town.
Justin Rose's caddie Mark Fulcher didn't hesitate in drawing parallels with the Scottish modern links when he phoned his boss during a walkaround on Chambers Bay to urge Rose to bring his two iron.
Find out more from their website www.knowsleysafariexperience.co.uk SAFARI DRIVE: Explore the Walkaround Area, with tons of events and attractions to suit all ages, animal lovers will spoilt for choice.
They can be linked for an effective end cap feature, or placed back to back for a walkaround display.