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a walking trip or tour

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a public stroll by a celebrity to meet people informally

nomadic excursions into the bush made by an Aborigine

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According to (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/03/16/33-fun-facts-as-queen-elizabeth-ii-overtakes-queen-victoria-in-p/the-first-royal-walkabout-took-place-during-the-visit-by-the-que/) The Telegraph , the monarch's first walkabout took place during her royal tour of Australia and New Zealand with Prince Philip.
Pakatan Harapan's (PH) candidate for the Balakong by-election Wong Siew Ki may be a newcomer to politics, but you wouldn't have guessed it from the warm reception she received during her walkabout this morning.
Walkabouts will be created in Lichfield and Solihull <B
Residents can join staff on the walkabout, which will start at 11am at Hans Close before moving onto Henrietta Street.
Every ball will be shown live at Walkabout on giant screens and at least 30 plasma TVs around the bar.
A further public walk- about in the Newport area of Gresham ward, has been planned to include a walkabout in the older housing area of the ward.
Named after the rite of passage to adulthood for Australian Aboriginals, the WalkAbout program allowed student groups to walk through their communities, documenting in writing and photography the needs of residents.
But while Tom tops the list of stars who are happy to go on walkabouts, he is not alone in relishing the red carpet.
Richard Bissonnette, of Woonsocket, R.I., has participated in a handful of walkabouts. "I just like the history aspect of it," he said.
Neighbourhood beat manager PC Graeme Eley said: "We regularly carry out estate walkabouts with our colleagues from the council to see for ourselves any issues on the estate and decide together how best to tackle them.
Ward walkabouts are designed to let the public express their concerns.
As well as 48 Walkabouts and 17 Bar Risa Jongleurs bars, the group operates two Stone House outlets.
Walkabout spokesman Dermott Dowling said: "Walkabouts have a very strong following among students so our first suspicion is that students have nicked it for a souvenir.
Officers and housing representatives from North Tyneside Council are urging young people to join them on their estate walkabouts.
There are 49 Walkabouts across the country - to find the nearest one to you, log on to www.walkabout.eu.com.