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Synonyms for walk-in

person who walks in without having an appointment

an operative who initiates his own defection (usually to a hostile country) for political asylum

an assured victory (especially in an election)


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a small room large enough to admit entrance

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(of e.g. closets or refrigerators) extending very far enough back to allow a person to enter

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Call 541-998-4767 for an appointment, although walk-ins will be accepted.
But, he said, "We are open to walk-ins if we are able to fit them in.
I know the industry has been doing it, but considering the thousands of students that come to us every day as walk-ins and as phone traffic, if an institution can institute a call center, they're going to find out the service levels are going to go up.
Related Article: Food and beverage manufacturers rely on walk-in coolers and freezers for safe and efficient storage of perishable fresh and frozen food.
A lot of retailers are putting glass doors on the walk-ins and using them for display," says Todd Ellinger, director of marketing for Fort Wayne, Ind.
On floorless walk-ins you will need to choose between a vinyl sealer, foam floor screeds, or flat or female bottom rail panels.
The center is located at 380 North Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City for walk-ins.
Price: $75 for SMPS Members, $95 for Non-Members, Walk-ins add $10.
We also get walk-ins - people who are interested, but they're really green, and they don't know if they're going to like it or not,'' Marian added.
The foams are now at the stage where the different blowing agents are being phased out so that everybody is in the process of moving to a new generation of foams," says Dennis Pane, national sales manager, Crown Tonka Walk-ins, Plymouth, Minn, "That's the biggest change in the walk-in industry right now, and we've got to move on to meet the new protocol.
The Shannon Group manufactures walk-ins (KOLPAK), reach-ins (McCALL) and rack refrigeration systems (RDI) for the food service industry as well as walk-ins (TONKA COOLERS) for the supermarket and convenience store industry.
They (at Delphi) do all the things that physicians used to do for free, which is cover indigent care, walk-ins, patients without prenatal care,'' Snow said.
The message that Tarry Shebesta, OCLC, will bring to attendees is one that demonstrates walk-ins are out but log-ins are a major way to build a lease portfolio," said William Brough, President of OVLA.
Price: $60 for SMPS Members, $80 for Non-Members, Walk-ins add $10.