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a medical establishment run by a group of medical specialists

meeting for diagnosis of problems and instruction or remedial work in a particular activity

a healthcare facility for outpatient care

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3 September 2014 - US ancillary healthcare provider American CareSource Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:ANCI) said it had wrapped up the acquisition of domestic Bay Walk-In Clinic Inc.
I never had any complaints," said Elaine Fisk, 63, of Palmdale, while waiting at the walk-in clinic with her husband, Harland, 67.
If a patient went to a different clinic for a follow-up visit, that clinic's staff would have to call the first clinic to request that the patient's chart be faxed prior to the visit," says Jason Dickey, vice president of marketing and business development at Doctor's Walk-in Clinics.
The hospital also manages two local walk-in clinics and a second hospital in neighboring suburb San Ramon.
The new "Health Care Transparency Bill" just passed by the Florida Legislature, requires the posting of rates charged by urgent care centers, walk-in clinics and any physicians who accept walk-ins.