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(Norse mythology) the hall in which the souls of heros slain in battle were received by Odin


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I would recommend the book for higher primary and above, because the book contains mystical creatures, people, world and objects; for example, the charm that Ariels receives so she can create a portal to help her jump through dimensions and arrive in Walhalla.
El caso del Eden biblico, o bien el Walhalla nordico.
18) Maude O'Connell also reported that witnessing her mother's funeral winding up the steep hills of Walhalla when she was 11 years old had a profound effect upon her later work.
Hubert Wallitschek, Planuebung Technik (Regensburg/Munich/Vienna: Walhalla Pretoria Verlag, 1967), p.
For instant thrills try out rides, such as Walhalla Wave, Tassie's Twisters and Taumata Racer.
Braun has provoked different associations and references with an exhibition title before; in this instance, Ave Vala might refer to an avenue, to Ave Maria, or to Walhalla.
Yo acababa de descubrir, no sin esfuerzo, y me gustaba, el olimpico Walhalla wagneriano.
On 28 March 1906 Ah Sheung, a former resident of Walhalla and Melbourne, was detained on board the Tsinan.
La gran puerta del Walhalla se abre al heroe que ha sabido sentir el paraiso en la Tierra.
Orion Gold NL (ASX:ORN) has identified significant system of gold mineralisation with a number of high priority drill targets at the Happy Go Lucky Prospect, part of the Walhalla Gold Project in Victoria.
For its intrinsic characteristics, international arbitration constitutes the Walhalla for comparative law experts, and indeed, an eminent arbitrator, Professor Pierre Lalive, has recently recognized that "the main duty of the international arbitrator is to be open to other cultures" and that "[i]n order for international arbitrators to avoid culture clashes, universities should start training law students much more in international and comparative law.
We can only guess whether Prieth was nudged or whether his own Walhalla hunch was triggered.
Facilities included in the agreement are: * North America: Cairo, GA; Dahlonega, GA; Sylvania, GA; Greenville, SC; Walhalla, SC; and Bedford, Quebec, Canada.
Sheriff's deputies responded to the December 21 burglary attempt in Walhalla, South Carolina, and located the burglar, identified as Kirby Alan Ridley, and called an ambulance.
La ciudadania detendra sin devengar salario y mandara muy lejos, al Walhalla de lo desechable, a las actitas de los ministeritos.