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Polish labor leader and statesman (born in 1943)


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The President met with Walesa, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his freedom-fighting efforts in Poland, in Malacanang last Tuesday and hailed his contributions to the development of his nation.
In 1970 Mr Walesa was a workers' protest leader and in 1976 was fired from his shipyard job.
Denying the claims, Walesa, 72, who defied Soviet rule in Poland, said: "You are not able to change the true facts through lies.
Now investigators say Bolek operated for four years longer than first thought and the "formal de-registration of Lech Walesa as an informant was in 1976".
The state history institute said it had confirmed as genuine some documents offered to it by the widow of a communist interior minister suggesting Walesa, ex-leader of the Solidarity union movement that brought down communism in Poland, had been an informant of the communist regime in the 1970s.
Mr Walesa said, Tanzania (and Africa) has all the potential to grow faster than Europe and this is the beginning, but first we have to mechanize farming.
I will write in a separate set of columns my reports and analyses of discussions with Walesa and a handful of other leading Polish intellectuals and activists.
As a Nobel Peace Prize recipient and member of the summit, Walesa made the trip to Japan in order to visit the summit's leading partner, Mazda.
SOUTH Walesa Police's' Jeff Norman will addressr Evangelical v Alliance's' anti-human trafficr kingc networwkr tomorrowr .
WARSAW -- Lech Walesa, the Polish democracy icon and Nobel peace prize winner, has sparked outrage in Poland by saying that gays have no right to a prominent role in politics and that as a minority they need to "adjust to smaller things.
The public prosecutor of the Polish Republic requested the waiver of the parliamentary immunity of Jaroslaw Leszek Walesa (EPP, Poland) in relation to a traffic accident, on 2 September 2011 in Poland, in which the MEP was involved and severely injured.
Despite meeting with Solidarity founder Lech Walesa, the former president of Poland who invited Romney to Gdansk, the federation made it clear that they "did not invite" the American because of his history of union-busting.
The legendary singer will be presented with the award by the former president and trade union leader Lech Walesa at his concert in Poland's seaside resort of Sopot on Sunday.
Andrzej Wajda likes to quote Lech Walesa when describing why he is making a film about his lifelong friend, who led Polish dockworkers in challenging the Soviet Union, eventually bringing on the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989.
WARSAW, April 13, 2011 (TAP) - The historic leader of the Polish trade union "Solidarity" and Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa will visit Tunisia on April 28-30 "to back up democratic transition in this country," the Polish Foreign Affairs Ministry said on Wednesday.