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Synonyms for Wales

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Results: Scotland 19 Wales 34, Ireland 15 France 32, England 41 Scotland 13, Wales 25 Ireland 26, Ireland 6 England 46, France 27 Wales 22, Scotland 38 Ireland 10, England 20 France 23, France 47 Scotland 20, Wales 13 England 34.
Alongside him, the ever-dependable Hadleigh Parkes banked more than 1,500 minutes for the Scarlets and there were also more than 500 for Wales after making his debut against South Africa.
With South Wales travelling with just two substitutes, they tired as the match went on and as North Wales were visibly building with confidence throughout, they staged an impressive comeback.
The Wales Responsible Business Awards 2016, in partnership with Fujitsu, celebrate the variety of ways that business is making a positive difference - to their workforce, with future employees, in their communities, to the local environment, in schools, across their supply chain or across their organisation.
Even taking the proposed 30 seats for Wales there is a powerful case for at least one more seat to be allocated to North Wales, especially as seats in the North East corner have unduly large electorates at close to 80,000, in two instances in excess of 80,000.
WALES have never beaten England in a qualification match, losing six times and drawing once.
They were Bishop Edwin Regan of Wrexham (Roman Catholic), Bishop Carl Cooper of St Davids (Church in Wales) and the Rev Adrian Williams, President of the Free Church Council of Wales.
Wales Week in London will run from February 23 to March 9.
The renaming of the crossing, due to take place later this year, will mark Prince Charles' 70th birthday year, while it is also 60 years since he became the Prince of Wales.
Chaired by BBC Presenter Sian Lloyd, the conference will focus on themes such as fair work and employability, including the work FSB Wales is undertaking on self-employment and the HMP Berwyn rehabilitation programme.
Because Wales go into this weekend's clash with Scotland fully armed with the fact no side since the inception of the Six Nations Championship back in 2000 have won the title having drawn a match.
The Daily Mail Challenge Shield went to South Wales with a total points lost of 371 with N.Wales dropping 448 points.
OCTOBER 16 1991 West Germany 4-1 Wales (Nuremberg) He makes his Welsh debut against Germany as a late sub and becomes the youngest-ever Wales international at the time aged 17 years and 321 days.
ONCE again older people are letting Wales down by voting for English parties in Wales.