Waldorf salad

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typically made of apples and celery with nuts or raisins and dressed with mayonnaise

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From a culinary perspective we invented the Waldorf salad, the red velvet cake and many other examples.
menu Waldorf Salad Chicken Pot Pie Butternut Squash Parmesan Asparagus Sweet Potato Biscuits Pumpkin Cake with Lemon Buttercream Frosting WALDORF SALAD 1/3 cup mayonnaise 2 teaspoons lemon juice Leaf lettuce 4 Pink Lady apples, thinly sliced 2 stalks celery, diced 1 cup coarsely chopped walnuts 1 cup dried cranberries For dressing, in a bowl, stir together mayonnaise and lemon juice; refrigerate until serving.
previously he had been a fivelength second to Waldorf Salad, form which looks very good in the context of this race.
Evan Williams has to rethink future plans for King's Odyssey (8-1) after the seven-year-old wore down Waldorf Salad under Leighton Aspell in the Timeform Novices' Handicap Chase.
Waldorf salad and fresh greens were complemented by olives, pineapple chunks, cucumbers, and tomatoes.
Waldorf salad has a special place at our holiday meals, but it does have appeal year-round.
Peacock Alley, a tribute to the ladies who visited the New York property more than 100 years ago, features alcove seating areas, providing a discrete place to enjoy some of the world's finest coffees and light bites including the renowned Waldorf Salad. The peacock statue, gifted to the resort, is a sight to behold with its precious gems, gold and peacock feathers.Also unique to Waldorf Astoria is its personalised service, which includes a concierge assigned to each quest who acts as your primary contact.
A good example is the familiar basket analysis algorithm--if you order three of the four ingredients in a Waldorf salad from Walmart online, the missing ingredient likely will be recommended to you.
STUFFING Transform a classic roast chicken with a mustard glaze and a fruity stuffing inspired by Waldorf salad.
The event featured local favorites such as Tony O's Grandma's Cranberry Relish, Waldorf Salad, Asiago Cheese Dip, Cheese Ball Spread, and Chocolate-covered Bacon, the last of which Orlando says is a huge seller.
Recipes are included for Kasha with Apples, Apple Crisp with Apple Creme Anglaise, Alpermagronen (Swiss dish of noodles, apples, onions, ham, and cheese), Grilled Cheese and Apple Sandwiches with Cilantro Pesto, Apple Empanadas, Waldorf Salad, Apple Strawberry Salad, Gingery Apple Fizz, Apple and Maple Syrup Turkey Burger, Savory Tart Filled with Sausage, Spinach, and Apples, and many, many more.
Try dishes that made the hotel famous, like Waldorf Salad and Eggs Benedict.
In this reference for general readers, McWilliams (English, US Naval Academy) explains the sometimes surprising history of 48 quintessentially American dishes, from apple pie to Waldorf salad, and all the po' boys, pizza, and pumpkin pie in between.
It created the Waldorf Salad, Veal Oscar, Lobster Newburg & Eggs Benedict.