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English writer (1925-1994)

a group of seven bright stars in the constellation Ursa Major

large open farm wagon

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Ms Wain said on receiving the award: "This is not just an amazing achievement for Pallister Park but for all the schools in the Middlesbrough Schools' Teaching Alliance.
It was also awarded National Teaching School status, making it the first school in Middlesbrough to achieve this accolade, with Mrs Wain being presented with a National Leader of Education award.
Nearest the Pin in 2 on 6th: Kully Wain Nearest the Pin on 9th: Kully Wain Senior section, Christmas competition (one-club three-ball Texas Scramble): 1st Tony Britton, Malcolm Lunn and Geoff Mexson; 2nd Jim Jobson, Mike Stevens and Mike Lovie; 3rd Les Parsons, Bill Crofts and George Dick.
And while Bourne failed to advertise the form at Musselburgh on New Year's Day, it was reassuring to see Into Wain, who runs earlier on the card, win with a little authority at Kelso a couple of weeks ago.
Mr Wain, who serves with Greater Manchester Police, has written a book as part of a masters degree in criminology, which criticises Britain's ASBO culture.
Mr Evans said two police officers who attended said that Wain was very drunk.
NEW YORK - Liz Wain, a supplier of luxury table linens and accessories, is entering the bedding market with a collection of hand-painted sheets.
Effective July 7, 2008, SARS also appointed Chris Wain as the company's Chief Executive Officer, replacing Clayton Shelver.
He was part of a team led by Chief Superintendent Terry Wain who prepared a document, which became known as the Wain report, to submit to the public inquiry led by Lord Justice Taylor.
Terry Wain told the jury that evidence from Clive Davis destroyed his name.
Those merry pranksters David Wain and Michael Showalter aim to do for the factory-made Hollywood romantic comedy what their "Wet Hot American Summer" did for the summer-camp movie in "They Came Together" a lively comic jamboree that's sometimes smarter than it is funny and hits about as often as it misses, but is, on balance, a good deal of fun.
com)-- WAIN Street reported Tuesday that the Business Default Index value for October 2013 was 6.