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a member of a strictly orthodox Sunni Muslim sect from Saudi Arabia


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President al-Assad:A' No, not yet.A' This is in the mind of the Saudis, and this is in the minds of the Wahabists.
Asian Tribune is of the opinion that Countries which allow their nationals to Saudi Arabia should have an urgent meeting and immediately to demand, but you can't demand of a sanction on the Wahabists regime, then that will be counterproductive as they want care because they are only worried about USA only and nobody else.
Salafists -- not the manufactured interpretation dreamed up by Muslims eager to politicize Islam to gain power or Westerners who think Wahabists have lost their luster as the bad guy -- may disagree with people about aspects of Islam and consider them lost people.
Women are held hostage equally by radical secularists and Wahabists, Islamists and Shi'i Muslims.
USA knows that there are Wahabists, sponsors and money launderers of high sea Somali pirates as well as arms dealers behind the military supply to Somalia.
Saudi ArabiaAEs geographic significance and its sacrednessubeing the kiblah (Mecca) of the Muslims and the center of the Islamic worldufurther encouraged the coalition between the Wahabists and Ikhwan Muslimin that eventually moved to Saudi Arabia and settled there.