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a court order to an employer to withhold all or part of an employee's wages and to send the money to the court or to the person who won a lawsuit against the employee

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Ducking wage garnishment is just one problem associated with what's commonly called worker misclassification, when an employee is wrongly classified as a contract worker.
11 with respect to the garnishment exemption waiver, or alternatively, if debtors are aware of the exemption and choose not to waive it, then the effectiveness of wage garnishment may be substantially limited.
The most important consequence of this reform is that wage garnishments may persist while bankruptcy proceedings are still pending.
Thigpen was able to get the default judgment set aside--not canceled--on grounds of excusable neglect and mistaken identity, thereby blocking the wage garnishment until the mother and child settled the question once and for all by checking their DNA against Pierce's.
In sum, the probability that petitioners for nonbusiness bankruptcy would file under Chapter 13 is hypothesized to increase with restrictions on wage garnishment (amount of secured debts), with current and future demand for credit (being in the high debt-use cycle of life), with home ownership, and for populations living in metropolitan areas.
On federally guaranteed student loans, the Department of Education also takes remedies to recover funds through wage garnishment, the seizure of income tax refunds and federal benefit payments, or the loss of eligibility for additional federal student aid.
Unlike credit cards and other unsecured loans, government-insured student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy court, possibly subjecting the borrower to years of wage garnishment until the debt is satisfied.
To improve federal debt collection, the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996 established a framework of debt collection tools, including administrative wage garnishment (AWG).
I will continue to focus on Federal Tax Negation, wage garnishment, bank levies, IRS Audits and installment agreements as these are just some of my areas of expertise.
The severe and lasting impacts of loan default include damage to the customer's credit, the prospect of wage garnishment, the seizure of income tax refunds and federal benefit payments, the loss of eligibility for additional federal student aid, the denial or loss of professional licenses, the possibility of civil litigation and the possibility of being denied other forms of consumer credit for years to come.
There is a misconception that child support is a one and done payment each month, typically done through wage garnishment.
The three prevailing consequences for defaulting on federal student loans are wage garnishment, a hit to your credit, and being barred from additional federal aid, which is very unfortunate if you are trying to go back to school.
Families are losing their homes, liquidating their retirement accounts, taking their children out of college, and are being subjected to wage garnishment - all to pay ISO AMT tax on phantom income.
Taxpayers who qualify for Currently Not Collectible status will not be subject to either an IRS Bank Levy or IRS Wage Garnishment.