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a schedule of wages paid for different jobs

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Every dollar consumed in inflated wage scales adds up to fewer yards of ready mixed or tons of precast delivered to highway or bridge sites.
The freeze means there will be no Cost of Living Allowance adjustments or annual wage scale increases for bank employees in 2012 and 2013.
Under the proposed settlement, caregivers now have a five-step wage scale, beginning at $13 an hour or $13.
Therefore, employers can afford to pay near the high end of wage scales.
The city council is pledged to introduce the new wage scales - which will see many workers lose thousands of pounds from their salaries - but the unions are fighting against it.
White the world's remaining manufacturing jobs now migrate from Mexico to China to Southeast Asia in pursuit of ever-lower wage scales, robotics and computer science (as Vonnegut presciently predicted) are eliminating many such positions forever.
The changes also include wage scales for councillors, pension rights and even resettlement payments when they stand down.
If the airline's cost-cutting proposal is approved, pilots' wage scales will be rolled back to pre-1996 levels.
Government measures to increase demand for older workers, like cutting employers' social security contributions for them - with the size of the cuts possibly increasing with the age of the worker - may be acceptable as a second best policy only to the extent that inflexible seniority based wage scales cause a problem.
Two years ago a porter at Buckingham Palace, on grade 39 of the 40 wage scales, was earning just pounds 6,810.
Currently, aside from the superintendents who get more, there are two levels of wage scales for buildings, which are also subclassified into A, B, and C classes, based on square-footage.
The 13 issues are grouped into the categories of process (competition type, access to outside consultants, independent review of public sector benchmarks, separation of purchaser and provider functions), cost (mandated private sector living wage scales and employee benefits, minimum cost saving thresholds, cost comparison approach, transition costs, contact administration and monitoring costs), and administration (memorandum of understanding, penalties for private sector failure to perform, and provisions for monitoring.
He advised journalists employing local staff to consult with UNAMET on wage scales and to pay salaries in Indonesian rupiah.
with criteria set for the number of dancers and staff, the budget, the number of performances in the home community, the length of contract, and wage scales.
In fact, wages paid to skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled contract workers are superior to prevailing average wage scales.