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a schedule of wages paid for different jobs

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Under the proposed settlement, caregivers now have a five-step wage scale, beginning at $13 an hour or $13.
Such an increase is different from automatic annual pay raises under seniority-based wage scales.
Uniform wage scales treat the state's best and worst teachers no differently.
Wage scales vary from under pounds 4 an hour to more than pounds 8 an hour.
The contract features wage and benefit increases and the consolidation of four wage scales into one, with exact details only to be released after members have had a chance to review the agreement.
He intends to make this walk-out the center of attention for America's labor unions because "if the employers can crush a 70,000 member local union and destroy wage scales that have taken more than 60 years to build up, it will whet the employers' taste for blood - not only the employers in our industry, but the employers in every industry.
The study shows that despite the public perception that most overseas manufacturing investments are being made in developing nations -- taking advantage of those countries' low wage scales -- the vast majority of the funding is going to the developed nations in North America, Europe, and Asia.
Contract grants 1500 Caregivers, members of SEIU UHW-West and 121RN, their first ever wage scales based on seniority and classification at hospital
Such an increase is different from regular pay raises under seniority-based wage scales.
Nurses at Encino Hospital staged a 90-minute informational strike Monday to protest unresolved contract talks aimed at beefing up what they say are inadequate staffing levels and wage scales.
These events reflect the country's large and highly-skilled scientific and technology workforce, relatively low wage scales, and growing entrepreneurial spirit.
Tyson has targeted American living and working standards with demands to lower wage scales, gut health care and cut retirement benefits.
Over the years, Bowers has played a key role in contract negotiations and has served on ILA Wage Scales Committees and Labor Relations Committees.
Customarily, in Japan's collective wage talks each spring, labor unions demand increases in automatic annual pay raises under seniority-based wage scales as well as increasing the base levels within the scales.
In addition, as an economic development organization, the Chamber believes the proposed ordinance is likely to cause a ripple effect through the wage scales, causing all wages to increase," said Chamber president and CEO Richard E.