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a freeze of wages at a given level

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The wage freeze is seen as a sign of the times, with the Australian Industry Group s Stephen Smith saying that such agreements had become more common.
A survey of almost 15,000 workers in England and Wales, including catering staff, cleaners, refuse collectors and teaching assistants, showed that the value of their pay had fallen by an average of 16 per cent because of a three-year wage freeze and rising prices.
The union's Scottish Secretary Mike Kirby said: "Many thousands of our members have suffered three years of wage freeze.
As wage freezes have so far not come up against much opposition from workers, the more likely target here for employers is CoLA, which is linked to inflation and must by law be paid to workers.
Average pay rises have remained at 2 per cent in recent months, below the rate of inflation, while wage freezes have fallen to around one in ten of all settlements, new research shows.
Clark refused to meet with him about looming wage freezes, the manager would be violating a state law regarding labor relations with public employees and Mr.
Combine demands for wage freezes with proposals to introduce two-tier benefits and you have a recipe for long strikes.
I find this incredible at a time when thousands of workers, myself included, are on wage freezes, many more thousands are on pay cuts, and others have just lost their jobs, it just goes to show that they are not on the same planet as normal people.
The Labour Research Department (LRD) said the rate of wage freezes was accelerating despite RPI inflation increasing by 2.4% in the year to December.
Many of the gloomiest predictions on pay made at the start of the year failed to materialise because there were not widespread cuts or wage freezes across the board, said IDS.
NEW YORK -- Duane Reade last month announced various measures to blunt the impact of the recession, including hiring and wage freezes.
The paper reported that, "the union essentially agreed to forgo wage increases it had won through collective bargaining, instead accepting wage freezes with some annual lump sum payments.
"Wage freezes, healthcare and premiums are issues where we draw the line and unless they're resolved, we're on the path towards the strike," said Nerzig.
Record spending cuts designed to balance state budgets resulted in program cutbacks,unfilled faculty positions, staff layoffs, wage freezes and salary cuts at state colleges and universities.
Initiatives include reducing inventories, ordering no equipment, employee layoffs, wage freezes and pressuring late-paying customers.