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floor below which wages are not allowed to fall

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50 fundamentally changes the dynamics of the debate over the state's wage floor.
McCain took several questions from the audience on the immigration issue from attendees opposed to the guest worker program but supportive of the wage floor tied to the prevailing wage that is now contained in the bill.
But the notion of requiring minimum wage floors on other types of service contracts is relatively new.
Frequently, cities impose wage floors only on companies under contract (generally including non-profits) with the city.
In fiscal 2000, the ministry set daily wage floors for 248 industrial sectors nationwide.
16] To the extent that employers' wage offers are constrained by minimum wage floors or that important variables have been omitted from the wage equation, our estimates may understate or overstate the employment effects.
Yet, in countries where the incidence of low pay is comparatively low, it is probable that higher levels of minimum wages, broader collective bargaining coverage, greater trade union density, and higher wage floors created by higher unemployment and other benefits, exist.