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English poet and friend of Wordsworth and Coleridge (1774-1843)

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2333876 Confectionery; sugar confectionery; chocolate; chocolate confectionery; biscuits; biscuit confectionery; cakes; muffins; bread; frozen confectionery; wafers, pastry; snack foods; flour confectionery; ice creams and edible ices; ice cream products; preparations for making ices, ice cream, ice cream products and frozen confections; cereals; preparations made from cereals; sweets; flavourings, other than essential oils; frozen yoghurts; frozen yoghurt confections; chocolate based drinks; honey and treacle; sugar; puddings; cheese cake; sauces; condiments; coffee; tea and tea based drinks; cocoa and cocoa based drinks; pasta; pastries; sandwiches; rice; all included in Class 30 Fletchers Bakeries Ltd, Claywheels Lane, Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield S6 1LY.
"I go to Wadsley Bridge Working Mens' Club for a pint and insist that teletext is tuned into Kevin's match.
Vardon Bingo Ltd, Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield - 01142 854 114.
Day 52 of the proceedings heard evidence from the retired inspector who oversaw the journey of fans arriving at Wadsley Bridge rail station to Hillsborough on April 15, 1989.
They did well to beat Halton of Merseyside 7-1 and Woodfield of Wolverhampton 5-3 as well as playing out a 4-4 draw with Draycott of Derby and losing 5-3 to Wadsley Bridge.