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"We manage the land to provide a mixture of habitats for wading birds to feed in.
Oystercatchers are fairly big wading birds, with a wingspan of nearly a metre.
In Wensleydale, the pilot has been delivered by Natural England in partnership with the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority and has rewarded sheep and cattle farmers managing grassland for wading birds or wildflower rich hay meadows.
Mhairi said: "Wading birds are an important feature of the site and bar-tailed godwits, often arriving in their bright summer plumage which changes to a lighter grey winter plumage, can be seen on the sand flats and mudflats of the reserve.
The Wirral Peninsula is one of the best places in the UK to see wading birds in the winter months, feasting on the rich mudflats of the Dee and north Wirral shores.
Too much, too much cry the boldly patterned wading birds that specialize in eating bivalves as they look on from the shore.
This estuary, historically one of the world's ecologically richest, yields a bounty of the small fish that wading birds eat.
Other highlights include the use of a militarygrade thermal imaging camera to film the nocturnal world of grey seals, wading birds and roosting rooks.
It cited the sad loss of lapwing from the study area and the catastrophic reduction in wading birds, such as curlew and golden plover.
Visitors can see wading birds, such as the black-winged stilt, that are found at the wetland all year.
"But there are lots of wading birds nestling there.
The marshes hosted a wide variety of wading birds as well as mammals such as otters and seals.
Red deer, otters and common seals share the shores of this wild sea loch with just 2000 people, as well as a wealth of diving and wading birds, including red-throated divers and the magnificent sea eagle.
As well as thousands of wading birds, ducks and geese, the site is home to a wide range of amphibians, fish and insects, so it promises to be a fascinating day.
Wading birds and shore birds such as terns, gulls and plovers are well-represented on all the islands.