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a dialect of Chinese spoken in the Yangtze delta

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Dere wus a lot love between marster an' slave en dar is few of us dat don't love de white folks today.
KMU and WUS will pursue programmes in academic, research, scientific and technical collaboration for the exchange of ideas, skills and techniques on problems of mutual interest as agreed from time to time.
KMU and WUS will cooperate with each other in exchange of students and faculty for scientific and technical
Furthermore, the research cited in this study was based either on the hydrologic situation of the entire WUS or on that of a specific watershed.
HOSTEL Host of hostel options NORTH CAMPUS Rajiv Gandhi Hostel for Girls Under Graduate Hostel for Girls Ambedkar- Ganguly Students House for Women D S Kothari Hostel Gwyer Hall International Students' House International Students' House for Women Jubilee Hall Mansarover Hostel Meghdoot Hostel North Eastern Students House for Women Post- Graduate Men's Hostel University Hostel for Women V K R V Rao Hostel WUS University Hostel SOUTH CAMPUS Aravali Hostel Geetanjali Hostel Saramati Post Graduate Men's Hostel
"By acquiring this equity stake, Wus underpins its strong strategic interest in Schweizer's business," the companies said.
18 July 2014 - Chinese printed circuit boards maker WUS Printed Circuit (Kunshan) Co Ltd (SHE:002463) had acquired a 4.5% stake in German sector company Schweizer Electronic AG (ETR:SCE), the latter said today.
at Round 1st 2nd Sets played 3 3 Tie breaks played 0 0 Total games 29 20 Winners 28 27 Unforced errors 10 13 Service points won 61 45 Return games won 4 8 Total points 102 84 1st serves in 55 38 % 1st serves in 71 60 Total aces 8 7 Total double faults 1 2 1st serve pts won 47 30 1st serve pts won 85% 79% 2nd serve pts won 61% 60% MURRAY FORMFILE RST To WUS RTo T1 1s 1% TTo TTo 1s 1s 2 M
all an wus aps Mrs J Singer, Leeds DOES it really surprise us that politicians all have a bolt hole and that, no matter what catastrophe hits us, they are insulated against it by wealth, position and their sheer arrogance?
In Arabidopsis thaliana, WUSCHEL (WUS) is essential in maintaining shoot apical meristem (SAM); WUS mutants display aborted SAM maintenance during embryonic and later developmental stages [5, 6].
Judy Wus biography of Margaret Chung examines the range of emotional ties and romantic possibilities among women and men and Chung's decision to create a social and kinship network outside of respectable marriage.
Unthreshed seed losses (%) = (Wus/Wts) x 100; where Wus = weight of unthreshed seeds, Wts = weight of total seeds.