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the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things

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Thus, it was the navy's position that the language of prohibition in the RFP was redundant; the language had been eliminated to permit shotcrete as a topping to the cast-in-place pool tank, as suggested by a competitor of WPC.
At the beginning of last month the WPC alleged that he had raped her in her home in Paisley, Renfrewshire.
WPC Leiper admits she prodded Harrison on the thigh with her baton.
And WPc Julie Ray, getting a double award, and Pc Andy D'Albert will be commended for Operation Skribble, an initiative to combat graffiti in Bordesley.
In September 1877, three months after the riots had ended, Denis Kearney formed the Workingmen's Party of California (WPC).(25) The WPC was to become the most important political force in California during the remainder of the decade, taking a central role in drafting a new State Constitution, agitating the Federal Government to negotiate new treaty restrictions with China, and ensuring the passage of a federal Chinese exclusion law.(26)
WPC had regularly been part of all political or miscellaneous activities like 16 days of activism for elimination of violence against women and annual Rural Women's Day in which it had supported with many non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
Country Representative UN Women Jamshed Kazi said, 'With the initiation of this important partnership today, UN Women and WPC aim to collaborate for strengthening women's political participation and leadership through strategic planning, research and coordination; and media outreach.'
Under this MoU, UN Women will support the WPC on gender research, drafting gender sensitive laws, developing position papers, resolutions, declarations and reports.
The UN Women will support WPC on gender research, drafting gender sensitive laws, developing position papers, resolutions, declarations and reports.
So, scientists at Cornell University evaluated the flavor and functionality of cottage cheese whey following neutralization before or after ultrafiltration (UF) to liquid WPC 80.
ISLAMABAD -- Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser said that Women Parliamentary Caucus (WPC) in the National Assembly is significant achievement of women parliamentarians.
The event was organised by the Women Parliamentary Caucus (WPC) as part of the International Women's Day celebrations.Around 100 women parliamentarians from the National Assembly (NA), Senate and all the provincial assemblies participated in the national consultation.
Following a meeting of the World Plastics Council's (WPC) Executive Committee in Dubai, Abulrahman Al-Fageeh (SABIC) announced that James (Jim) Seward (LyondellBasell) had been elected to succeed him as the next chairman of the WPC.