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the compass point midway between west and northwest

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The range of late summer Beringian moisture deficits was similar to that of the moisture balances associated with present-day WNW slopes (Fig.
While the SRW waveform is used for handheld and manpack radios used by soldiers, WNW "allows you to connect a lot of different people over longer distances and send that data up to the higher headquarters," Ager said.
The future network was demonstrated during the past week, by connecting the SRW to WNW, which was then connected to the NCW.
The event demonstrated how the WNW, operating on JTRS ground mobile radios, can effectively network 30 mobile and static nodes, sharing data and video across multiple sub-networks in a challenging, heavily forested suburban environment with significant multi-path propagation effects.
A large flame prominence was also seen at the WNW limb and a large inclined pillar prominence at the SSW limb.
We have also completed our surface mapping and sampling program at Andrea which has confirmed the presence of porphyry style mineralization with strongly anomalous copper and gold values associated with broad WNW oriented zones of quartz sericite alteration hosted by a diorite, and we intend to drill test it later this year.'
They were one of the first ships coming to the rescue of the Danish ship S/S Gerda Toft, who was on her way from Casablanca to the Kiel Canal and was about 75 miles wnw of Helgoland when she got into difficulties.
The potential explanatory variables included HEIGHT, the height along the tree where the disks were collected from (0 m, 5 m, 10 m, or 20 m above the base); AVOB, the average diameter of each disk including the bark (mm); ASPECT, the aspect of the trees where the sample came from (1 for ENE to WNW, 2 for ENE to ESE, 3 for ESE to WSW, and 4 for WSW to WNW); ELEV, the elevation of the site where the samples were selected; and DENSITY_0, the density at 0 m above the base.
But now it is locked in a WNW to ESE track, which has resulted in the aberrantly dry and wet weather across the continent.
On July 8, there will be a nice grouping of Mercury, Venus and a crescent Moon lying close together low down on the horizon in the WNW at about 9pm.
Additionally, the secure, Internet Protocol-capable tactical network coexists with fielded technologies including Link 16, and is interoperable with the Wideband Networking Waveform (WNW) at the base band network layer.
Enjoy nature walks to see the birds, beaches and cliffs, enjoy island soirees, try kayaking, canoeing or windsurfing, take a guided bicycle tour of the islands or join an tasty afternoon excursion that focuses on regional cuisine (1-888-537-4537 or wNw.clubiles.qc.ca).
139[degrees]7'30" E), about 60 km WNW of the center of Tokyo.