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Synonyms for clipping

Synonyms for clipping

an excerpt cut from a newspaper or magazine

cutting down to the desired size or shape

the act of clipping or snipping

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This attitude is manifested, for example, in the acceptance of feedback, which one WCA developer described: "In our team we have more or less an atmosphere where you can say whatever you want to.
Likewise, Dorothy Carson's loss of consortium claim fails as a matter of law as the WCA bars the underlying claim.
Using Krippendorff's (2004) framework, we propose that our study of WCA job ads is both a problem-driven and method-driven content analysis.
Here, [[theta].sub.w] is the theoretical WCA of the nanostructured surface according to the Wenzel model, [[theta].sub.0] is the measured WCA of the flat surface, and r is the roughness factor, which is defined as the ratio of the actual surface area of the nanostructures to their horizontal projection.
If trends continue, WCA's condition is indeed terminal.
Being a newly hired or newly repositioned WCA looking for collaborators can bring about a bit of that cafeteria anxiety.
The WCA First Annual Conference is acknowledged globally as the most important conference of its kind, with independent freight forwarders from the world's premier network coming together for face-to-face meetings with their peers from around the globe.
Abrahams also spoke about suicides linked to the government's discredited WCA. Coronation Street star Cherylee Houston welcomed the idea of a disability equalities roadshow.
They found 590 extra suicides, 279,000 extra cases of mental ill-health and 725,000 more prescriptions for anti-depressants across England in areas where people had work capability assessments (WCAs) between 2010 and 2013.
They found 590 extra suicides, 279,000 extra cases of mental illhealth and 725,000 more prescriptions for anti-depressants across England that were associated with the work capability assessment (WCA) policy between 2010 and 2013.
Nazareno made it to the finals for the CEO of the Year distinction of the World Communication Awards (WCA), considered one of the most prestigious awards programs in the global telecom industry which recognizes innovation and outstanding performance in the field.
As part of this shift everyone who was claiming the previous benefit types was made to undergo a Work Capability Assessment (WCA) which would decide whether they were theoretically fit for work.
He said that a summary has been sent to Punjab government for establishment of Walled City Authority (WCA).
The campaign was staged by anti-austerity direct action group Disabled People Against Cuts to welcome the new providers of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA), Maximus.