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United States comedian and film actor (1880-1946)

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Carl seemed the classic stoner, save the presence of an ample WC Fields alcoholic's nose and a jock sensibility that barred the cultivation and maintenance of a proper ponytail.
It owns a nose to make WC Fields envious, a network of burst capillaries resembling a 1910 map of the GWR rail system, and eyes red enough to inspire dreams of Dracula.
Enda's predecessor, Brian Cowen, had such regard for it he went on the radio and gave the best impersonation of a drunk since the great WC Fields.
Someone who looks just like WC Fields, nose included, walks by.
WC Fields preferred drowning in a vat of whisky: "Death, where is thy sting?"
It was the great WC Fields who had inscribed on his tombstone: "I'd rather be in Philadelphia."
In movies and television, he convincingly portrayed such figures as Mussolini, Rasputin, Pope John XXIII, Rudolph Hess, Pontius Pilate, Napoleon, WC Fields and Al Capone.
Hairspray at Tyne Theatre & Opera House, Newcastle, until Saturday Never work with children or animals, grunted veteran American actor WC Fields. To which he might have added big wigs and beachballs.
Famous sons and daughters of Philly include actors Will Smith and Bill Cosby, actress and later princess Grace Kelly, comedian WC Fields and former world champion boxer Joe Frazier.
I even went to Whickham once, it was closed (pinched that off the late WC Fields).
What links Yul Bryner, Burt Lancaster, WC Fields and Joe E Brown?
He asks: "In which way was an unknown student called Donald Turnupseed responsible for tranforming a Hollywood actor into a worldwide legend and icon?" He sounds like a WC Fields alias!
The Man in the Glass Booth and WC Fields and Me followed.
TO the WC Fields dictum "Never work with children or animals", any half-decent pub games aficionado would add: "Don't play dominoes with them, either!" If I'd guessed how the big night was going to turn out in Milfield, the Las Vegas of the Borders, I'd have left my bones and arrows in the sideboard and given the Red Lion charity darts and dominoes night a miss in favour of a night in front of the telly watching Strictly Come Darting.