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having open interstices or resembling a web

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When asked more about WBI, Kevin chooses to remain "secretive" as they are in the midst of finalizing the overall gamebook and strategy.
Beginning in 2018, Gallup elected to change the WBI to a dual mail- and web-based survey.
The immediate plan is to accelerate the expansion of WBI's sawmill (current annual capacity of 24,000m3 sawn timber) and complete the upgrade of their veneer facility (planned annual capacity of 18,000m3 veneer) within 2017.
Three individuals (2%) had adjuvant WBI due to a close margin (n = 1), positive sentinel node on final pathology (n = 1), and multifocal disease in the surgical specimen (n = 1).
The editorialists noted, however, that recent studies have shown it is possible to give WBI over 3 rather than 5 weeks.
According to a 2013 WBI survey for bullying by industry and sector, the leading industry with workplace bullying was healthcare at 27% (Workplace Bullying Institute, 2013).
Adjusted mean total health costs in the year after diagnosis for the hypofractionated-endorsed group was $31,641 for those who used conventional WBI and $28,747 for those treated with hypofractionated WBI (difference, $2894; 95% Cl, $1610-$4234; p < .001).
The changes of natural charges and WBI values indicate that the electrons of ligands give the unoccupied p-block orbital of boron, which lead to the more negative charges on boron and smaller WBI values on boron-ligand in XBBX systems.
Committed to this vision, the WBI endeavors to strengthen citizens by offering innovative tools and practical approaches that focus on three key strategies: supporting open and collaborative governance, enhancing social accountability and leadership for coalition building.
Sensortechnics's (Mansfield, MA) new WBI mass flow sensors have ranges of 200 seem and 1 slpm.
According to the ratio of interference band to useful signal band, the RFI can be classified into narrow-band interference (NBI) if the ratio is less than 1% and wide-band interference (WBI) if the ratio is greater than 1% [7,8].
3 seed in the WBI West Region, and South Dakota is the sixth seed.
Web-based instruction (WBI) has gained momentum and become one of the most successful media for delivering instruction due to its ability to increase students' motivation and self-esteem, to enhance teaching and learning by accessing and exchanging a variety of information resources, to improve learning achievement when a course strongly emphasizes online interaction, to support nonlinear access to information, to learn pace control, and its convenience to students, instructors, and institutions (Liaw & Huang, 2000; Ouyang & Yao, 2001).
Leading the way in this new approach to parliamentary strengthening were several of the world leaders in international development; the World Bank Institute (WBI), the Canadian Parliamentary Centre, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) and the State University of New York's Center for International Development (SUNY-CID), among others.
A study, titled "Web-Based Instructions (WBI): An Assessment of Preparedness of Conventional Universities in Saudi Arabia" by Mohammed Saleh Albalawi, King Fahd Naval Academy, noted that the Saudi education system is shifting gradually from the traditional classroom to Web-based distance learning in higher-education.