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having open interstices or resembling a web

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In order to testify the validity of the proposed method for both NBI and WBI suppression, the simulated NBI and WBI (LFM interference with 5 MHz bandwidth and DVB-T interference with 8 MHz bandwidth) data are added to the RadarSat-1 data.
What variables predict the final grade in a WBI learning environment?
Furthermore, looking beyond the technological and academic improvements, WBI and its partners were asked to more explicitly recognize that no single model is right for all jurisdictions and especially to develop greater insights into the needs of parliaments in smaller jurisdictions and 'semi-westernized' states.
Due to such freedom, WBI programs are very attractive to students.
The freedom and challenge of making everything fit exerted an irresistible pull, and he has been in installation ever since, founding WBI in 1991, he says.
The need for an effective alternative to WBI is becoming increasingly important because "women who had implants 10, 15, or 20 years ago are growing into the age where they are developing breast cancer," said Dr.
WBI will join Summit's Highline unit--Andrew Goodenough, president.
This marks the second acquisition by WBI since it announced its re-launch and a significant recommitment of capital from The Wicks Group of Companies earlier this year.
This article discusses an effectiveness evaluation of the process of designing, developing, and implementing a graduate level course aimed at teaching the concepts and principles underlying WBI.
Each section details a relevant aspect of the evaluation strategy and framework, their goals and strategies, and how they relate to the broader goals and mission of the WBI and the World Bank.
By providing a programming model for intermediaries, WBI enables the quick development and deployment of systems that add value by transforming information that flows between Web server and Web client.
There is no right answer for deciding whether a vertical portal, CAL or WBI is best, or whether WebCT, Blackboard or another is preferable.
Including WBI in an association's Web offerings can extend revenue sources and enhance the recognition of the association as a provider of critical education services to its members.
NYSE: MDU), changed their name to be part of the newly created WBI Energy, Inc.
The proposed pipeline would connect the Viking Gas Transmission Company pipeline near Felton, MN to WBI Energy's existing pipeline near Mapleton, ND.