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Our laboratory has taken the approach that if either of these flags are present, we review the smear, and if there are nRBCs present we will report the number of nRBCs seen on the smear and the corrected WBC.
Of course, the WBC could be intending to give Arum and Soto their money back.
The decision to add ANC testing was based on the United Kingdom's experience, which suggested that moderate leukopenia might be detected earlier if ANC was used as an independent measure of hematologic function, as opposed to the total WBC count alone, he added.
The Tax Court, in an en bane decision, (10) concluded that the transfer of Empak shares to WBC was not includible in the gross estate under Sec.
Ms Willmott is not taking any action against Premier Direct and yesterday the company said the row would have little impact on its plans for WBC.
Christine and Neil Hamilton wish WBC luck with their bid
Kohl said: "The WBC has rules and his mandatory is up on June 8.
The relationship between WBC count and ischemic stroke was equally potent in smokers and nonsmokers.
Tyson has until September 1 to make a deal to fight Lewis or relinquish the WBC title he won from Britain's Frank Bruno in March.
The evaporation behavior of WBC has also been studied (28-34).
The addition of WBC brings the number of distributors offering native language versions of SRT software to five.
Long-time Philippine resident Bruce McTavish, originally from New Zealand, was named Referee of the Year in the 55th WBC Convention held in Baku, Azerbaijan Oct.
WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman on Wednesday said, "The WBC has had in Floyd Mayweather the most loyal champion in our history.
ISLAMABAD -- World Blind Cricket (WBC) President Syed Sultan Shah has been denied visa by the UK High Commission to attend the WBC Annual General Meeting to be held in Birmingham from October 24 to 27.