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Irish poet and dramatist (1865-1939)

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Christine had long admired Muldoon's work and he was greatly impressed by her settings of WB Yeats. For tickets, call 029 2039 1391 or visit www.rwcmd.ac.uk.
There's ties to writer Spike Milligan and Nobel Prize-winning poet WB Yeats, who's buried at Drumcliffe.
ON an evening split between old songs and new album, Mike Scott's labour of love, setting the poetry of WB Yeats to music, saw the band play a triumphant selection of classics first.
Nitish minutely scanned Tagore's photographs with Einstein, Gandhi, Nehru and other dignitaries of the world and also read his letters addressed to English poet WB Yeats and others.
London, Jan 2 (ANI): The poetry of WB Yeats and other works of Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud will now be available to read on internet for free, as their copyrights have expired.
There's stacks to do in Sligo these days, whether it's a trip to WB Yeats' grave (everyone should do that) or a play at the Hawkswell Theatre.
Literary giants of Gaelic descent such as WB Yeats, Sam Beckett and James Joyce have a familiar place in our history for their powerful works of indefinable enchantment.
Included are works by HG Wells, WB Yeats, Roald Dahl and Joseph Heller.
It added: "Our new WB Yeats ship will operate from Dublin to Cherbourg, with 20% greater passenger capacity up to four days per week and is now available for booking on Irishferries.com."
A WB Yeats B Rudyard Kipling C Percy Bysshe Shelley D John Keats 13.
The new ship will join the company's new ship, WB Yeats, which is set to be delivered this summer and will sail between Ireland and France all year.
A TS Eliot B Rudyard Kipling C Gerard Manley Hopkins D WB Yeats 8.
Galway was the subject of the Galway Races, a poem by WB Yeats. It is also the subject of the eponymous folk song, popularised by The Clancy Brothers, The Chieftains and The Dubliners.
A NEW play celebrating poet WB Yeats' 150th birthday is to raise funds for Temple Street Children's Hospital.
BORN PETER Scudamore, jockey, 1958, above WB Yeats, Irish poet and writer, 1865 DOROTHY L Sayers, writer, 1893 DIED GERALDINE Page, US actress, 1987 ALEXANDER the Great, Macedonia king, 323BC BENNY Goodman, jazz musician, 1986, above