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Successful: a mail-order business that receives nearly 50 orders a day and needs a second WATS line for all the inquiries from customers.
Such registration is not yet available, but if you wanted to add a WATS line you could insert a registration packet into the D channel, and almost immediately get back a confirmation packet.
In addition, if something went wrong on a WATS line, we had no way of knowing about it until a policyholder called and told us.
For example, a call from Rochester, New York (a major Xerox location) to a customer in Fort Collins, Colorado, would first travel to Chicago and then to a WATS line in Chicago, where it would enter the public network.
PRIDCO has noted that a self-healing fiber optic loop provides first-rate service around the island, Long distance voice, data and video services, as well as WATS lines, are offered by several providers, and wireless PCS is available from a number of local and national venders, using the latest digital protocols, including CDMA 2.5G, GSM and TDMA.
MCI leased WATS lines, Full Period Lines and Pick-Up & Ring Lines from AT&T and constructed their own network by interfacing these leased lines with their own computerized switching central offices.
* Tollfree telephone access--provision of WATS lines for communicating with personnel in the cooperative as well as for data and fax communication
The SDN replaced a network of conventional WATS lines in which each of the autonomous plants handled its telecomm requirements in its own way.
But instead of sales representatives going door-to-door, the company uses a bank of 14 WATS lines and fax machines that run 24 hours a day, taking customer orders.