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a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver

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WAP devices do not use standard HTML, because it is not suited to small devices with small screens.
The Preview Center is the first announced program to offer software developers the ability to trial and test the new features of WAP 1.
The CBS Mobile Store and WAP sites represent the most innovative sites of their kind.
While WAP has been around for more than a year, technical hurdles--particularly the slow adoption of XML--a lack of WAP-enabled content, and a scarcity of devices have resulted in a low profile.
To be included in cutting edge devices designed by RV Technology Limited is yet another big step towards our goal of having our software as part of as many different device designs as possible, and we will continue our efforts in providing RV Technology Limited with the best possible solutions for WAP Browsing and Multimedia Messaging for their current and future devices," said Mikael Krogius, CEO, Winwap Technologies.
As an essential source to WAP, Mobile handset game accounting for about 10% of the total income of WAP service.
In 2004, both China Mobile and China Unicom took WAP service as a development data service cornerstone and a highlight of new services after SMS.
How quickly will WAP services overtake SMS & MMS as the leading mobile consumer service in China?
WAP is a novel depsipeptide antibiotic, which has high potency against Staphylococcus aureus (staph), a type of bacteria commonly found on the surface of the skin.
This is especially true for WAP services in Guangdong.
This is an XML-based API developed by the WAP Forum, and now under the management of the Open Mobile Alliance.
Tricom will be bringing to market a unique WAP service offering which provides content from our banking partners and other business affiliations throughout the country," stated Osvaldo Flores, vice president of business planning for Tricom.
Bob's vast background and accomplishments with the GSMA make him a perfect match with the goals and objectives of the WAP Forum," said Jerry Upton, chairman of the WAP Forum Board of Directors.
WAP shopping was introduced to a select group of Wuhan Plaza's VIP customers in July.
The new generation of the WAP specification together with improved handsets and other wireless devices ensure a much better development environment for advanced mobile services.