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Synonyms for waffle

Synonyms for waffle

to use evasive or deliberately vague language

Synonyms for waffle

pancake batter baked in a waffle iron

Related Words

pause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingness

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During the process of chiropractic integration within the WAFL, it became evident that decisions involving medical or healthcare are often left to the present medical team personnel.
New Delhi [India] January 21 ( ANI ): Popular waffle chain, WAFL having 50+ Quick service restaurants (QSR) outlets all over the world, is all set to enter the Indian market, with a first flagship store opening here at the SDA market.
Forty-six football athletes (age: 22.9 [+ or -] 4.3 yrs; height: 1.85 [+ or -] 0.07 cm; mass: 87.4 [+ or -] 10.3 kg; body fat: 11.4 [+ or -] 4.5 %) were recruited from the Australian Football League (AFL) and Western Australian Football League (WAFL) for participation in this study.
The report also said that the WACA would be retained as the traditional home of cricket as well as WA football management and be used for all minor Australian Football League (AFL) requirements such as training for visiting interstate teams as well as a weekly WAFL match-of-the-day.
Browne received a bone shuddering tackle during a practice game against a WAFL selection side from local player Ashley Prescott which forced him out of both tests in Perth and Melbourne with a thigh problem.
(2010) Movement pattern comparisons in elite (AFL) and sub elite (WAFL) Australian football games using GPS.