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shaped in the form of the letter W

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A UAV with W-shaped flying wing configurations with zero sweep and torsion angle was adopted for analysis, as shown in Fig.
This procedure can begin with either a W-shaped curvilinear incision crossing the midline of the epigastrium or with two separate crescentic incisions along the inframammary line.
But the W-shaped building made of stone and glass still doesn't have any exhibitions.
He said: "I teach them how to manoeuvre the horse in a ring around coloured blocks and in different trails such as in a zigzag formation or in a L-shaped, V-shaped or W-shaped pathway.
"If that happens we will be talking about a "W-shaped" rather than a V-shaped recession.
It can be spotted with the naked eye as part of the Cassiopeia the Queen constellation - a W-shaped star pattern near the North Star.
As Goldman Sachs has warned, this cycle may be a W-shaped one rather than a U-shaped one.
Most obvious is the W-shaped roof that collects rain rather than shedding the water.
"From hopes for a U-shaped recovery, through a W-shaped one, the prognosis for global growth is getting alphabetically challenged.
The patented W-shaped squeegees, used on many Taski machines, have self-levelling castors to follow closely the profile of the floor.
For example larger Taski machines use a W-shaped squeegee that follows the floor profile and removes more than 99% of water, even in curves and on difficult floors such as tiles with deep grouts or surfaces that are uneven or structured.
Design Of A Modified W-Shaped Patch Antenna On Al2 O3 Ceramic Material Substrate For Ku-Band, Chalcogenide Letters, 9(2): 61-66.
They also suggest that clues to immunopathogenic mechanisms are found in the unique, well-documented, W-shaped age-specific mortality curve of the 1918 pandemic (3) (Figure) in which the typical (U-shaped) curve of pandemic influenza, featuring mortality rate peaks in young and old persons, was augmented by an unprecedented third mortality rate peak in persons 20-40 years of age.
Economists have rolled out an alphabet soup of justifications and neologisms to explain all this: the "w-shaped" or "l-shaped" recession, the "double dip," the "jobless" or "job-loss" recovery, and so on.