W. Somerset Maugham

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English writer (born in France) of novels and short stories (1874-1965)

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Countless writers imitated Maupassant's style and his influence was later seen in the works of other masters of the short story such as W Somerset Maugham and O Henry.
Sir James Tidmarsh, 82, came across the long-forgotten copy of Ashenden by W Somerset Maugham as he was clearing his shelves.
Great Britain, America and Ireland in particular have fine traditions of short-story writing that have developed from the time of Sir Walter Scott and Nathaniel Hawthorne, while in the last century the art was perfected by Ernest Hemingway, DH Lawrence, W Somerset Maugham, John Updike and VS Pritchett himself.
THE PAINTED VEIL (12A): Ed Norton and Naomi Watts star in the third silver screen adaptation of the W Somerset Maugham novel.
COMEDY farce in period costume is on offer as the Priory Theatre in Kenilworth stage The Noble Spaniard by W Somerset Maugham.