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Synonyms for vinyl

a univalent chemical radical derived from ethylene

shiny and tough and flexible plastic

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The main role of petrochemical industry is to produce basic materials of all types of plastic such as Polyethylene (PE) resin, Polypropylene (PP), Poly Styrene (PS), Poly Vynil Chloride (pvC), etc.
Among the 16 companies enlisted for energy efficiency audit in this project are, Lankem Ceylon Plc, Brandix Textile Pvt Ltd, Phoenix Industries Ltd, Acme Packaging Ltd, Global Vynil (Pvt) Ltd, MRF Lanka, GTB Colombo Corporate Pvt Ltd, Rubco International, Creative Polymats, Clinco Rubber Mouldings, Chandeep Enterprises, Union North, Electro Metal Pressing, EMP PVC Technology, Sachitha Plastic Manufacturers, and Senas Plywood International.
Electrospinning has been applied to prepare collagen [28,29] hydrophilic polymers (poly(vynil alcohol)(PVA), poly(etylen oxide)(PEO), gelatin, chitin and chitosan, polyesters and polyurethane [31] nanofibrous materials which might be used as wound dressings.
Notwithstanding it has been claimed that a qualitative approach to tack results can be predicted from viscoelastic data, some contradictory results have been presented, for instance, in the case of poly(vynil pirrolidone)/poly(ethylene glycol) blends [14] and a styrene-isoprene-styrene microphase-separated block copolymers [15].
Anyone allowing children to travel without a safety harness should be sent bungee jumping without a rope just to let them know what it might feel like in an accident and loud music in cars could be punished by anti social behaviour orders that restrict perpetrators to owning only vynil LPs by the Eagles, Dire Straits and Des O'Connor and a Dansette record player that may not be removed from the cellar.