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Synonyms for tornado

Synonyms for tornado

a localized and violently destructive windstorm occurring over land characterized by a funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground

a purified and potent form of cocaine that is smoked rather than snorted

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As an underlying software platform for the Audi zFAS architecture, VxWorks maintains and monitors the safety of critical applications.
"Third party software, including security critical components, on various component boards will come out of existing long-term support in 2020, even though the Huawei end of life date for the products containing this component is often longer," the July report, which did not name VxWorks, said.
Wind River recently released updates to VxWorks 653, including support for multi-core silicon and robust partitioning for applications that enable multilevel RTCA DO-178C certification, as well as support for the Safety Base Profile of Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) 2.1 Technical Standard.
There also are no workaround for the vulnerabilities, which affect Cisco UVC running on Linux or VxWorks systems.
Software drivers for Windows, Linux, LabVIEW RT, and VxWorks help the digitizers integrate into existing measurement systems and to be exchanged, replaced, or upgraded to other Acqiris-based digitizers with minimal adjustments.
The result is code generated from Esterel's SCADE Suite[R] and SCADE Display[TM] targeted for Wind River's VxWorks 653[R] platform, which is safety-certified to DO-178B Level A and fully conformant to ARINC 653, Supplement 2 Part 1.
Based on C/C++ code, to protect against obsolescence, and the real-time VxWorks operating system, the controller may be accessed from factory or office networks directly or remotely via Ethernet and FTP support.
The product offers full data transport and management software based on standards such as MPI and HTTP, and runs Red Hat Linux or Wind River VxWorks.
Customers can obtain run control and debugging tools that work with WIND RIVER PLATFORMS, VxWorks and embedded Linux.visionPROBE II is immediately available for the IBM PowerPC 405 family which by providing visibility and access to both the virtual and physical address space, enables developers to track Linux virtual access and to control their physical peripherals and memory.
The eXMP-SynqNet stand-alone motion controller uses dual-processor architecture with a scalable Celeron processor running VxWorks, embedded NT or other real-time operating systems, along with the company's XMP family Sharc DSP motion co-processor.
In addition, Broadcom provides firmware, as well as software drivers for the most popular operating systems including VxWorks, Linux, and NetBSD.
Standard Microsystems Corporation (Nasdaq: SMSC) has debuted the Linux (Red Hat v7.0) and a VxWorks driver for its LAN91C111 Non-PCI 10/100 Mbps Single Chip Ethernet MAC+PHY Controller.
Examples of application software, VxWorks and Windows 95/98/NT drivers are all supported.