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Synonyms for vulnerability

the condition of being laid open to something undesirable or injurious

Synonyms for vulnerability

the state of being vulnerable or exposed


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Vulnerability Research Market: Critical Severity Vulnerabilities by Top Reporting Sources (World), CY 2010
Thirty new Integrity rules, including rules for finding: - Google Hacking vulnerabilities such as pages containing configuration information, hidden content, error information, and points of entry.
Most organizations scan for vulnerabilities only rarely, perhaps once a quarter.
It was indicated at the beginning of this article that the internet provides us with instant access to a vast amount of data; however, it has created security vulnerabilities.
According to Rob Ayoub, industry manager at Frost & Sullivan, "During the first three quarters of 2006, companies that leveraged in-house research with external talent were the most successful in discovering high-severity vulnerabilities.
The busiest month in 2006 for vulnerability disclosure was June, while the busiest week was the week before Thanksgiving and the most popular day of the week to disclose vulnerabilities was Tuesday.
The software scans Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, and Sybase databases for hundreds of vulnerabilities that facilitate SQL injection, buffer overflow, and other attacks.
Determina Vulnerability Protection Suite (VPS), which does not rely on attack signatures or customer created security policies, already protects its customers against these vulnerabilities.
Over the last five years, eEye has been recognized by industry experts as the preeminent organization in the discovery of the most critical vulnerabilities in various platforms and applications, including the vulnerabilities subsequently leveraged by the Sasser, Witty and Code Red worms, as well as the Microsoft ASN vulnerability and hundreds of other important discoveries.
Control system applications and devices can suffer from the same classes of vulnerabilities as IT applications and devices such as missing control system security patches, unchanged default passwords, and weak configurations.
TippingPoint's Zero Day Initiative Leads to Discovery and Patch of Vulnerabilities through Collaboration with Vendor; 3Com Protects Customers Before Flaws Disclosed Publicly
Security Leader Creates the First Free Resource Providing Detailed Information on All Zero-Day Vulnerabilities, Including Analysis, Archiving and Remediation Instructions
New Zero-Day and Client-Side Application Vulnerabilities Scan Available at https://sans20.
a leading developer of security management solutions and creator of the popular and award-winning Nessus vulnerability scanner today announced the implementation of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) CVSS scores to help organizations improve discovery of vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation efforts.
Add-on to Centennial Discovery[R] uncovers software and firmware vulnerabilities across the network for increased security -