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the Latin edition of the Bible translated from Hebrew and Greek mainly by St. Jerome at the end of the 4th century

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Since Geertgen was a brother or an associate of the Order of St John, he would probably have been able to read the Latin of the Vulgate Bible, and it may be assumed from Mabuse's pictures from Ovid that he too was a Latinist; but what evidence is there, in the absence of vernacular Bibles, that other painters, mostly unschooled, could read the Scriptures before the time of the Reformation?
Latin hymnody and the Vulgate Bible, classical and vernacular epic, troubadour lyric, nonconformist preaching, popular ballads, Chinese love songs, Scots dialect--all among other sources have made English poetry what it is.
Francis Schussler Fiorenza, professor of Roman Catholic studies at Harvard University, said Trent was concerned with maintaining the integrity of the official Catholic Vulgate Bible.
The Vulgate Bible is now considered a masterpiece of inculturation.
In the Vulgate Bible, there is the story of Judith, a young woman who sexually seduced the enemy general in order to save Israel from his invading army.