Vulgar Latin

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nonclassical Latin dialects spoken in the Roman Empire

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The spelling and pronunciation of Middle English words with initial <h-> is to a large extent determined by processes taking place in Vulgar Latin, Medieval Latin and Old French, i.
The collective language, which is believed to have evolved from the Vulgar Latin spoken by Roman occupiers of the region, is under further pressure from the predominance of German in the canton--not to mention Italian on its southern flank, and the growing influence of English in areas like St.
The strange language, in this case, is not ancient Egyptian but Vulgar Latin or early forms of French and Italian.
Switzerland is divided into 20 cantons (states) and there are four official languages - German, French, Italian and Romansh, a form of vulgar Latin.
The church obliged, and again if I remember correctly, it celebrated the Eucharist in the vulgar Latin, not the elite Latin of Cicero, which was the Latin of the educated class.