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(Roman mythology) god of fire and metal working

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Then Vulcan drew sweet nectar from the mixing-bowl, and served it round among the gods, going from left to right; and the blessed gods laughed out a loud applause as they saw him bustling about the heavenly mansion.
But when the sun's glorious light had faded, they went home to bed, each in his own abode, which lame Vulcan with his consummate skill had fashioned for them.
I never thought of it, before; but you certainly are rather like Vulcan, sir.
Air-to-air refuelling by the Victors allowed the Vulcans to extend their range.
Vulcans normally carried a crew of five, two pilots up on the flight deck, and the air electronics officer, the navigator/plotter and the navigator/radar officers down in the bowels below, in rearward facing seats.
In the late 70s, the task of delivering nuclear weapons passed to the submarines carrying Polaris and the Vulcans began to be retired.