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a dry white French wine (either still or sparkling) made in the Loire valley

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Our next subject will be Vouvray Sec, with a little help from the neighboring appellations of Montlouis and Jasnieres.
Des parcelles de vigne du vignoble de Vouvray ont ete devastees.
Other possible stops include the medieval center of Tours, wine towns like Vouvray and restaurants along the Loire.
It is widely planted and makes Vouvray, the sparkling Saumur wines, and many others.
Perhaps, even more complex was the 2007 Yves Breussin Vouvray, Demi-Sec (Chenin Blanc) from the Loire Valley in France ($ 28) with loads of floral and honey scented ripe citrus notes and delicate sweetnes.
You can get to Chaumont by plane from Stansted to Tours then a hire car via Vouvray and Amboise.
Loire Valley wines, such as the appellations of Sancerre (dry whites), Pouilly Fume (dry whites) Vouvray (dry, sweet, and sparkling whites), Mountlouis (sweet whites), Chinon (reds), Samur-Champigny (reds), and Muscadet (dry whites), are the wines most Consumed by the French in restaurants.
It is best known for whites that range from bone-dry, oyster-loving Muscadet to off-dry Vouvray (made from chenin blanc) to herbal/minerally sauvignon blancs (Sancerre, Pouilly-Fume).
I stumbled on a fantastic wine the other night while having dinner with friends at Chez Panisse, in Berkeley--the 2002 Le Haut Lieu Vouvray (Sec).
Many consumers, it said, did not realise the wines of Saumur, Muscadet and Vouvray were all from the region, which embraces an area about 300 miles long.
Or there's the Vouvray Les Chancelieres 1997, pounds 5.
A note written on the back of a dried-food label says the 1986 Vouvray was left by kayakers, so drinking it will not deplete the owners' supplies.
85 in the UK, while you can save around pounds 2 a bottle on a good quality Vouvray.
The Loire Valley is home to well known appellations such as Sancerre, Vouvray and Muscadet, and is considered home to the definitive expression of important grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc.