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a mechanical device for recording and counting votes mechanically

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2015, the Contractor shall provide 30% additional reserve of voting machines - 15 pieces with included 5 pcs.
Back in June, the cabinet approved the concept of switching to electronic voting machines.
According to the ECP, the decision to use electronic voting machine is made to ensure transparency in the next elections.
Namibia recently procured Electronic voting machines from an Indian manufacturer Bharat Electronics limited and poised to graduate to an Electronic Ballot system, for there Presidential elections in November.
In June, four counties in Arkansas started early voting for a run-off vote without the use of ES & S electronic voting machines because the company could not finish programming electronic ballots in time, raising the ire of Gov.
For example, one county moved quickly following the 2000 election, purchasing all new electronic voting machines only to discover during its 2002 gubernatorial primary that the process for administering those new machines was problematic.
I was disappointed by Eisen's piece on electronic voting machines.
Unfortunately, computerized voting machines are vulnerable to the same problems and tampering that plague all computers - e.
Sequoia Voting Systems exhibited its full-face Advantage L Touch Screen Direct Record Electronic (DRE) voting machine today.
Thiruvananthapuram, Dec 30 (ANI): The Chief Election Commissioner, SY Quraishi, has said a five-member expert panel would discuss, study and analyse complaints about electronic voting machines (EVMs) and that the Commission would decide after the reports are assessed.
14 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machines, once considered essential to ensuring private and independent voting booth access for voters with disabilities, often do not work as promised, according to a new report published today.
The county also switched systems to meet requirements of the federal Help America Vote Act, which requires that each election use accessible voting machines that give voters a chance to check and correct errors in private.
And like spring-time pollen wafting through the air, the proliferation of new voting machines has caused some bad reactions in some parts.
Attendees had an opportunity to try out new DRE voting machines, explore LWVC's Smart Voter Web site, meet their mayor, register or re-register to vote, and pick up everything they could possibly need to prepare them for voting.
Almost every time I speak in public, someone asks about the possibility that George Bush will steal the next election by hacking the new electronic voting machines.