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a choice that is made by counting the number of people in favor of each alternative

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(22) Loi federale du 18 juin 2004 sur le partenariat enregistre entre personnes du meme sexe (loi sur le partenariat, LPart): Resultats finaux officiels provisoires (5 June 2005) <>; Chancellerie federale, Votation Populaire du 5 Juin 2005--Explications du Conseil federal, 15 <>.
In addition, however, internet voting was provided pursuant to the Democratic Party's contract with a private firm, alternately called and, which previously arranged internet elections for organizations such as the Sierra Club and the Florida Bar Association.
By "ready," Umali meant "ready for votation in the Committee on Justice, including the [committee] report [on the impeachment complaint]."
Aussi, leur designation par votation directe ou indirecte par le peuple ou ses representants garantirait mieux leur independance en lieu et place des designations actuelles par nomination du President de la Republique.
Cette suspicion envers la classe politique est exprimee dans la transhumance de votation, pratiquee notamment en periodes des elections locales.
one or two days after nasa plenaryo na po kami (On the first week of March, we might have votation in the committee.
A church leader wasted no words in decrying the controversial votation.