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Synonyms for votary

one zealously devoted to a religion

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one bound by vows to a religion or life of worship or service

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a priest or priestess (or consecrated worshipper) in a non-Christian religion or cult

a devoted (almost religiously so) adherent of a cause or person or activity

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It conjures up a mythical past in which the King of Fairies hails "from the farthest step of India" and the Queen of Fairies spends many a night gossiping with her votaress along the Indian shore (2.1.69).
(3) For example, the Temple of Diana, where Thaisa serves as votaress, may have been associated with fertility but may also have figured a Church of England backsliding toward Catholic idolatry.
In the scene at hand, Oberon distinguishes the Indian votaress from an "imperial vot'ress" (2.1.163), presumably the virgin Queen Elizabeth, whom Oberon observed eluding the "young Cupid's fiery shaft":
(1.) Okuni is believed to have been a votaress of the Great Shrine of Izumo in the west of Japan.
At this point, readers might object that Titania's fervent devotion to the memory of the Indian votaress and to her child, the Indian Boy, hardly squares with Mary Queen of Scots' opposition to Elizabeth's rule, her execution, and Elizabeth's and James's sometimes testy relationship.
From the former standpoint, one may note, with Barber, the "wanton joy in achieved sexuality, in fertility" that Titania's description of her votaress conveys (137), and that sharply differentiates her and Titania from the company of men.
Inicially, the monastery was dwelt by monks and nowadays, by over 400 votaresses. The interior painting of the walls is the work of the great Romanian paintor Nicolae Grigorescu, a work which he achieved in his twenties.