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United States writer whose novels and short stories are a mixture of realism and satire and science fiction (born in 1922)

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Naturally, Vonnegut, the "Christ-worshipping agnostic," scion of the First Family of Indianapolis architecture, and slaughterhouse-mate of goofy Joe Crone, would produce a funhouse-mirror pacifist take on what those who never saw action call "the Good War." As a student columnist for The Cornell Daily Sun he had vigorously defended antiwar figures of the day, including the most controversial:
Like Kurt Vonnegut said - anyone who wants to make their soul grow.
Vonnegut considers the global economy as a whole, not simply a sum of national parts, providing a framework that is not extrapolated from national perspectives of international economics.
As an optimist by nature and a technologist by choice, I used to dismiss those cautionary tales as paranoid alarmism but, in the last few years, the plight of many formerly middle-class Americans as they struggle to get by in a hollowed-out economy seems too close to the fate of the character's in Vonnegut's imaginary future for comfort.
2000: At least 150 skiers, many of them children, die in an intense fire on board a funicular railway DEMI Moore, US actress, 1962, above KURT Vonnegut Jr, US writer, 1922 GEORGE S Patton, US general, 1885 DIED NED Kelly, Australian criminal, 1880 YASSER Arafat, Palestinian leader, 2004, above NAT Turner, American rebel slave, 1831
The event, organized as a celebration of the New York reading series' 30th anniversary, would feature three short stories, Aimee Bender's 'Fruit and Words' read by Heather Burns (Bored to Death), Dolan Morgan's 'Interior Design' by Dave Hill (Tasteful Nudes), and Kurt Vonnegut's 'Who am I This Time?', read by by Alex Karpovsky (Girls).
In "Iskliznuca," Karanovic invents a retired superhero convention, alluding to Billy Pilgrim, a split personality, a doubly schizophrenic character, the main character in Vonnegut's novel Slaughterhouse-Five, suggesting that the main character of Kavezi also has a divided psyche.
Just as Kurt Vonnegut served in Dresden during WWII and Tim O'Brien served in Vietnam, Powers served in Iraq.
"While the agreeable blend of sci-fi and adventure evokes Douglas Adams's absurd romps and Ray Bradbury's alternate realities, Cantor's light, fantastical prance most resembles the exploits of chipper moralist Kurt Vonnegut. Still, for all the sweetness, fun and highbrow namechecking, it comes off as a bit slight." MATTHEW LOVE
In June 1989, Kurt Vonnegut delivered the keynote address at Boise State's "Hemingway in Idaho" conference to an audience of some 1200 people including, as Vonnegut indicated, "about 150 real Hemingway scholars" who "know a hell of a lot more about Hemingway than I do" (19).