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Handschin wished to bridge what he saw as a fatal division between acoustics and harmonic theory on the one hand, represented by Hermann von Helmholtz and Hugo Riemann (the dominant presence in music theory when Handschin was working) in their different ways, and experimental music psychology on the other, represented by Carl Stumpf.
Theodore keyed into the latest acoustical research of physicist Hermann von Helmholtz for his own patented piano designs.
SIR - I found the letter by Mr von Helmholtz (April 29), in which he showed unbelievable disrespect and arrogance over the use of Welsh, the language of our forefathers, offensive and obviously very annoying.
Many of the symposium panelists found that they have taken the same steps to discovery that the physicist Hermann von Helmholtz described last century: immersion, incubation and illumination.
SIR - I would be grateful to be allowed to respond to the letter from Bastian Von Helmholtz.
Mr Von Helmholtz goes on to say that Bavaria has virtually stamped out the primitive Swabian dialect, furthering fuelling the flames as he has found out that we Welsh have no intention of doing the same.
SIR - How dare Mr von Helmholtz come to our country and castigate our language (Letters, April 29).
The Company pursues a member of the Hermann von Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres e.