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The Colorado State blog post explains that in the vomition stage, a deep breath helps to open the esophageal sphincter.
A three month old spitz dog was presented with 12 hour history of vomition and regurgitation.
The most common clinical signs in present study included vomition, diarrhoea, depression, anorexia (Lewis and Ellison, 1987) and sausage shaped mass prolapsed through anus.
The bitches (n=20) with clinical symptom of anorexia, polydypsia, polyurea, vomition, vaginal oozing of pus presented for treatment and were tentatively diagnosed for pyometra and included in the study.
Canine parvovirus infection is manifested with acute onset of vomition and diarrhea and recognized in two forms namely myocarditis and gastroenteritis.
The classical signs of parvoviral enteritis such as anorexia, lethargy, vomition and hemorrhagic fluid diarrhea were observed in all pups.
Two GSD pups (One male and other female) of 88 days old from one litter were presented with complaint of sudden onset of inappetence, dullness, vomition and hemorrhagic enteritis.
The pup was showing symptoms of blood mixed loose stools and vomition on next day.
Although side effects like alopecia, anorexia, vomition and anaemia were observed with Vincristine sulphate and Methotrexate.