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thin trapezoidal bone of the skull forming the posterior and inferior parts of the nasal septum

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Many studies have quantified the site, proportion and outline of vomer bone available for grafting in clefts.
This is the first study using 3D vomer bone CBCT analysis to evaluate the vomer bone differences in relation to the dentofacial discrepancy and its implication in Orthodontics and Orthognathic implications.
The threshold (bone scale threshold) is important to create first separation of the involved anatomical structures landmarks of the vomer bone.
The vomer bone scale was launched by using thresholding between (-1000) to (1000) Hounsfield Units (HU) for better image resolution.
Secondly, the vomer bone anatomical landmarks were determined and the skeletal planes of the vomer bone were measured and outlined by using the cropping and segmentation tools of the Mimics 19.0 version.
The coordination for both horizontal and vertical performed for symmetry purpose preliminary to the vomer bone outline.
Finally, the three dimensional (3D) models of the full head and vomer bone were reconstructed and separated from each other based on splitting mask tool for determination of landmarks and planes of the vomer bone among three different study (A, B and C) groups respectively for each patient's records CBCT.
Palati: The palate region is formed by the palatine, pterygoid and vomer bones. The maxillary process of the palatine (Proc.