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in the manner of Voltaire


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Voltarians always compare their circumstances to the Ashantis.
These are interesting times, especially in the Volta Region and among some Voltarians, home and abroad.
At any rate, if these Voltarians had persistently voted for the United Party (UP) tradition, development would have long visited their land.
I have received petitions from Voltarians who feel entitled to vote in the referendum.'
But then, it is not all Voltarians who are enthused by this subversion plot.
No matter how determined one is to lay down his pen and allow its ink to dry up on this anti-Oti Region plus pro-Western Togoland campaigns, spearheaded by some elders and opinion leaders in the Ewe enclave of the Voltarians both home and abroad, certain postings on social media are just making this impossible.
Ghanaians must be aware that this campaign promise was also that of the NDC, which, in 2016, saw its flagbearer, ex-President Mahama, promising all Voltarians at Ho that he would create a new region out of the Volta if he was re-elected.
Generally, this is the hallmark of Voltarians, they give absolute respect to the elders and would hardly challenge their words or conducts.
It is common knowledge that cat meat is a delicacy for Voltarians, but MzVee says everyone should be rest assured that her pet cat is a friend and not food.
To say that, and I quote, 'In our view, it will be unconstitutional, unfair and against natural justice to limit the referendum to a minority in the Region, leaving out the voices of the majority of Voltarians' is an offence to intelligence, because in such a matter it is that minority that solely matters.
When then President Mahama spoke to Voltarians about his intention of splitting the region, he was hailed for good thinking.