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The dissolution of plastic grains in volatile solvents suffered with constant reduction of the solvent amount due to its evaporation .
Helium users in the present sample evidenced sociodemographic, psychological, and psychiatric characteristics similar to those of adolescent users of volatile solvent inhalants (e.
Volatile solvent users can be classified as either experimental, recreational, or habitual (Langa, 1993).
These inhalants fall into four categories: volatile solvents, aerosols, nitrates and anesthetic gases.
By substituting supercritical carbon dioxide for much of the volatile solvents in conventional low-solids and high-solids topcoats and sealers, the system reportedly can reduce VOCs by as much as 50 to 80 percent.
To our best knowledge, the study of more volatile solvent such as THF as the cosolvent in the preparation of asymmetric PES membrane has not been widely reported.
All youth completed the Volatile Solvent Screening Inventory (VSSI), an interview developed by Howard and colleagues (2008) assessing demographic characteristics, medical history, lifetime/annual use of 65 inhalants, other drug use and substance-related problems, current psychiatric symptoms, thoughts of suicide/actual suicide attempts, trauma history, antisocial traits and delinquent behavior.
Lubrizol 2106 overbased barium phenate features high barium metal content in liquid form without the use of volatile solvent.
Technical Specification:- I Composition Contains White Pigments In A Volatile Solvent Base Confirms To Bs 5044-73 And Bs 6072-81.
One alternative solution, which is currently researched at the Institute of Applied Medical Engineering (AME), is to dissolve the polymer in a volatile solvent and then alomize the solution in a commercial spray nozzle, without using any electrical field.
In addition, there were said to be growing HMIS concerns regarding volatile solvent emissions, and the problem of storing flammable material.
Latest figures reveal Scotland has the highest death rate from volatile solvent abuse - VSA - in the UK.
where c is the molar concentration of the volatile solvent in the liquid.
Product features high barium metal content in liquid form without the use of volatile solvent.
Genevac's updated miVac SpeedTrap frost-free cold trap provides volatile solvent recovery and enables freeze drying of up to 250 mL of aqueous samples.
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